Why I always recommend makeup after hair?

Why do I prefer makeup application after hair?  This can be a debate from artist to artist and neither party is wrong or right, it’s just going to come down to personal preference. I shall always request makeup is done after hair where possible.

Reasons being: If having your hair washed, it can leave a water ring around the outline of the face. Hair styling tools are warm, especially if having a blow wave, the heat from the hairdryer can warm up the makeup and cause a shine. Finishing sprays or dusts can fall onto the face and forehead. This tends to settle onto the skin and can cause a texture or dryness. Finally I love to clean the skin and refresh it before I apply makeup, this can wipe clean any hair product away creating a fresh clean canvas 🙂 I will create the look to balance out the hair style to get the perfect finish.


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